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What is RETHINK? – Rethink consultancy
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What is RETHINK?

RETHINK is a Copenhagen based consultancy, founded on 15 years’ experience working with sustainability, change management and strategic positioning in the cross field between public and private businesses, NGOs and political institutions, nationally as well as internationally.

Value proposition
Today, a business focusing on reducing environmental impact and doing less harm, ultimately will become a stranded asset. Thus, in the transition towards a new sustainable, economic paradigm the essential question is:

What business drivers will enable you to go beyond incremental change and make it the business of your business to profit from solving the social and environmental problems we are facing today?

The value proposition of RETHINK evolves around the risks and opportunities related to answering this question.

RETHINK is founded on the strong belief and experience that integrating social and environmental sustainability into the portfolio of your core business operations builds resilience and improves the agility of the organisation enabling you to foresee and manage risks –  turning some of them into new business propositions and opportunities.

RETHINK delivers custom-made solutions 
The field of sustainability solution providers offering to help you answer these questions is vast and complex: Reporting schemes, green dash boards and scorecards, rating agencies and green membership solutions. The list goes on. In my own experience, these solutions do little more than scratch the surface and provide a false sense of security because the answer to the question above is intrinsically linked to  the specific business model and strategy, value proposition and costumer base of your organisation.

Thus, working with RETHINK no readymade solutions or shelf commodities are available. All work is based on a thorough understanding and analysis of your organisation’s mission and strategy, markets and stakeholders and the linked risks and opportunities.

Nette Kirkegaard
Founding partner and advisor

RETHINK builds resilience and agility

RETHINK creates custom-made solutions and answers

RETHINK builds unique stakeholder relations

RETHINK strengthens reputation and communication

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